The sweet spot...

"the spot in space where direct and reflected sound meet in harmony is called the "sweet spot". It is unique, like the optimal listening position. Therefore we achieve it, in the mix balance as well as in the mastering settings." A.P.

For over 10 years, Sweetspot Productions has been providing its clients pristine quality services, technical excellence, and most importantly, a friendly environment (in terms of human resources as well as facilities) which has given our clients the peace of mind that their project is in good hands. Our love of music is our motivation and our aspiration is quality, aesthetically, as well as technically.

Sweetspot Productions was initially the vision of Andreas Papachristou and was realized in 2004 with the assistance of Yiannis Christodoulatos. Since then, our studio has evolved and flourished. Our most respected service, Mastering, has been developed over the years by Yiannis, one of the finest Mastering engineers in Greece. With over 1500 albums under his belt in many genres, plus his technical knowledge, Yiannis is renowned for producing excellent masters.

We provide services at any stage of a project, from the onset to the very end. For example, recording with our mobile set up or in the studio, mixing in stereo or surround and mastering, it is all part of our daily work. We also have an extended bank of professional actors of various nationalities for audio books and advertisements as well as in-house musicians for jingles and soundtracks. With regard to musicians and bands, we show great interest and give our undivided support both at production and promotional level.

Last but not least, our price list is fair, always protecting the music. Our perspective is to protect the clients from unnecessary costs, by offering advice prior to the session so everything is as organized as possible. This ensures us to work fast and always follow our deadlines. Also by advising our clients on technical matters, we can make sure we get the material in the best possible condition which in turn helps to achieve the excellence that we promise.

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