• Yiannis Christodoulatos

Co-Founder and Owner of Sweetspot productions, Yiannis Christodoulatos is a graduate of Panavision School with a degree in Sound Engineering. Involved in the Athens/Greek music community since 1994, he has worked with numerous musicians, producers and engineers over the years.

From 1997 to 1999, Yiannis worked with Themis Zafiropoulos doing live recordings of The National Greek Opera and The National Orchestra of Greece. That same year, he started working in Athens Mastering as a mastering engineer alongside Chris Hatzistamou. Yiannis has participated in the restoration and remastering of some of Greece's most respected composers such as M. Loizos, M. Theodorakis and M. Hatzidakis.

With over 1500 albums under his belt in many genres, Yiannis is now one of the most renowned Mastering engineers in Greece. Founding Sweetspot productions was his need to express himself freely and help shape the Greek music community towards an advanced future technically and esthetically.

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