• Post Production

Sound Design

Over the years we have created a huge sound bank with custom made sound effects, for any kind of project. Whether it is a movie, a jingle for radio, or a TV show, we can provide brilliant sound design to bring your project to another level. We create sound effects from scratch because no two projects are the same! So by doing Foley recordings we create the most appropriate sound for your scene. We can record sound effects within the studio as well as outdoors, depending on the project and the sound to be recreated. Whatever you need!.

Audio Books - Dubbing

The Ultimate Audio Experience. Bring your book to be read by our selection of fine actors, and then be transformed by adding great music and sound effects. Started as an alternative solution for visually impaired people, Audio books have evolved into a spectacular experience for everyone. One could compare it with movies. Only there is no movie! However everything else is there, including the atmosphere, the feelings, the story, the suspense, everything.

Dubbing falls into the same category mainly because of the actors. Anything that needs dubbing, from animation to a movie, to a tv spot, can be recorded and produced here.

Tape to DVD transfers - DVD Authoring

We can transfer your VHS tapes to DVD or any digital format you like, for storage, archiving, or even for easier reproduction. As an additional service to that, we can treat the sound of your material, enhance it, replace it or edit it, in order to create a better experience. We can also Author your final DVD for a more professional look and feel with chapters, titles, extra content etc.

Original Music Composition

We collaborate with musicians that have all the necessary skills to compose music for almost any project. From midi to samples to full recordings, we can provide appropriate music to accompany your tv or radio ad, movie, audio book etc.

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